The Carl Lutz Circle is a non-profit association based in Geneva, an international city that hosts the European headquarters of the United Nations and many international organizations. The Circle aims to raise awareness among civil society, including youth, on the humanitarian action of the Righteous Carl Lutz.

The Circle has carried out projects with recognized partners such as the Shoah Memorial (Paris), the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (Bern), Yad Vashem (Jerusalem), the State Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau (Krakow) and George Washington University. He has also been involved in schools, including the Bugnon College  (Switzerland) and the Washington International School (United States).

Spring 2020 : The Carl Lutz Circle is preparing a series of conferences in Israel with institutional partners.

September 2019: The Carl Lutz Circle gave a major conference in Lausanne, with an introductory speech by the President of the Vaud Council of State.

This event, which was sold out at the Casino de Montbenon (300 people), was organized in partnership with Yad Vashem and institutional partners in Lausanne and Zurich.

Welcomed by the press, the conference was also covered by the Swiss national radio – RTS. In addition to delegates from several countries represented by Carl Lutz in Budapest, including the United States and Hungary, we had the pleasure of interacting with school programme managers.

At the end of the conference, the Carl Lutz Circle announced partnerships with the Departments of Education of several cantons.

July 2019: the President of the Carl Lutz Circle was welcomed at the Senate, in Paris, to present the organisation’s activities and find common synergies.

July 2019: Carl Lutz Circle Vice-President and Secretary General travelled to Paris for a meeting with Serge & Beate Klarsfeld, of the Circle’s Advisory Board, famous historians who brought many Nazi criminals to justice.

Serge Klarsfeld, decorated by the French Presidency, is one of the most important European voices on the Shoah. His wife Beate, who was awarded the German Order of Merit, was nominated as candidate for the Presidency of Germany in 2012. 

June 2019 : the Carl lutz Circle was the guest of an evening in Geneva and introducted its activities. 

The keynote speaker was the f. Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper 

October 2018: Frédéric Hayat, Vice-President of the Carl Lutz Circle, gave a lecture in the United States at George Washington University, where Carl Lutz graduated. This conference was privileged to have representatives from Switzerland, Israel, Hungary and El Salvador, as well as many American personalities, including representatives of the State Department and the daughter of parliamentarian Tom Lantos, who gave his name to a parliamentary committee of the U.S. Congress. 

The delegation also met with dignitaries at the U.S. Senate.

During this trip, supported by the Swiss Embassy, the delegation conducted research interviews at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and spoke to 400 students at the prestigious Washington International School.

October 2018: Carl Lutz was finally recognized by Switzerland. Following a letter from the President of the Circle to the President of the National Council, Dominique de Buman, a tribute was paid to Carl Lutz in plenary session of the Swiss Parliament

October 2018: the Circle gave a lecture at the Bugnon College, in Lausanne, Switzerland, to an audience of more than 200 students

February 2018 : Switzerland paid tribute to Carl Lutz by dedicating the staff room of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) to him. This decision follows an initiative launched by the Circle, supported by more than 50 parliamentarians from the National Council and Council of States, the Klarfeld Foundation, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, the Federal Commission against Racism, the Jewish and Protestant federations in Switzerland and the Memorial of the Shoah in Paris. 

The ceremony was privileged to have the Federal Councillor in charge of Foreign Affairs Ignazio Cassis present.

February 2018: The Carl Lutz Circle took part in a conference for nearly 300 students at Andrassy University. 

Previously, the delegation met with the chargé d’affaires  of the United States in Budapest, then by the Hungarian Secretary of State for European Affairs.

November 2017: The Carl Lutz Circle was invited to address a large audience at the Copernicus Synagogue in Paris, including Simone Veil’s son, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, the CRIF, the Ambassador of Hungary, Switzerland and representatives from El Salvador, Israel and the United States. The State Secretary for European Affairs of Hungary attended the event and addressed the audience.

The President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron sent a letter to welcome the event and said “to fully associate himself with the work of remembrance around Carl Lutz.”

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