The Circle

“President Emmanuel Macron fully associates himself with this tribute to Carl Lutz. (…) Faced with the return of ideologies of hatred and rejection of the other, France is, more than ever, determined to perpetuate the memory of all those who, at the very risk of their existence, have disobeyed by responding to their conscience, to their morals, to spare the lives of their fellow human beings.”

Lettre from the French Presidency to the Circle
November 2017

Advisory Board

Serge & Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, Paris

Simon Wiesenthal Center, Paris

Tom Lantos Foundation, Washington, D.C.


Xavier Cornut



Frédéric Hayat



Anita Halasz

Secretary General


Sylviane Berner Jedwab

Board Member


Dr. Leon Saltiel

Board Member